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Athlete will press a viking press implement from shoulder rack position to overhead for max reps within 60 sec time limit.

365 LBS / 165.5 KG

365 LBS / 165.5 KG

365 LBS / 165.5 KG

365 LBS / 165.5 KG

Event Rules:

• Athletes will compete head-to-head (4 lanes).
• 60 second time limit.
• Total reps completed is your score.
• Athlete begins at a starting line.
• Athlete must wait for judge’s command to receive a rep.

• ‘Touch and Go’ is NOT allowed. You must wait for the judge’s up command after the bar and tires have settled.
• The athlete will lift from a platform that makes the 13ft / 4m axle bar standard height even with tires on the sides.
• No deadlift suits, hooks, tacky, or tack towels allowed.