Kettlebell World UK Summer Open Championships


The Kettlebell World UK Summer Open Championships are coming to the TRU Athlete ISFF!

This exciting event will be held from 11th 08:00 to 13th 16:00 AUGUST, 2023, as part of the TRU Athlete Fitness Festival.

At this event you can qualify for international competitions for the England team in the following disciplines:

Marathon: Half Snatch / Snatch / Long Cycle / Jerk

GS: Two Arm Long Cycle / Baithlon / One Arm Snatch – Single Switch

World Games: Two Arm Long Cycle Push Press / Two Arm Push Press / Two Arm Half Snatch

There will also now be a new ROOKIE LEAGUE which aims to encourage newcomers to the sport where you can register to take part in the following disciplines:

Half Marathon (30 Mins): One Arm Half-Snatch (OAHS)

GS World Games (10 minutes): Two arm long cycle (TALC)

Sign up to take part and you will receive a FREE training program through our website to help prepare you for your lift at the event!

This will be the first time Kettlebell Sports is represented at the TRU Athlete Fitness Festival.

Whether you are a passionate fan of kettlebell sports or someone interested in exploring the wide world of fitness, this event caters to everyone’s interests.


🎫🎫 Tickets are available for purchase on our website https://www.kettlebell-world.com/eventreg

Secure your spot early to ensure entry to this REMARKABLE event!

The Kettlebell World UK Summer Open Championships promises to represent the pinnacle of kettlebell sports in the UK and offers an opportunity to witness exceptional athletes competing at the highest level.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of a truly awesome weekend. Book your tickets now and join us at the London Excel from August 11th to 13th, 2023!

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Athlete will press a viking press implement from shoulder rack position to overhead for max reps within 60 sec time limit.

365 LBS / 165.5 KG

365 LBS / 165.5 KG

365 LBS / 165.5 KG

365 LBS / 165.5 KG

Event Rules:

• Athletes will compete head-to-head (4 lanes).
• 60 second time limit.
• Total reps completed is your score.
• Athlete begins at a starting line.
• Athlete must wait for judge’s command to receive a rep.

• ‘Touch and Go’ is NOT allowed. You must wait for the judge’s up command after the bar and tires have settled.
• The athlete will lift from a platform that makes the 13ft / 4m axle bar standard height even with tires on the sides.
• No deadlift suits, hooks, tacky, or tack towels allowed.