Circle Style Kabaddi is a simple contact team sport which originated centuries ago in rural villages of Punjab. Currently it is very popular amongst the Punjabi community and it is played in all countries to which the Punjabis have migrated over the years including the part of Punjab which now falls within the borders of Pakistan.

It is played between two teams consisting of 12 players each. The 12 players are divided into 6 raiders and 6 stoppers. Only 4 stoppers can play at anyone time and the other 2 stoppers of each can be used as substitutes. Substitutions can be made as often as and whenever the teams like during the match BUT a substitution cannot be made during an active raid by the opposing team.

The objective of the game is for raiders of each team to take turns to raid into the opposing team’s half of the ground, touch one of the 4 active stoppers and return to their own half of the ground within 30 seconds.

Only the stopper with whom the first contact is made can try to stop the raider. All other stoppers cannot interfere during that particular raid and must stand aside and watch.

If the raider touches a stopper and returns to his side of the ground within 30 seconds he wins a point for his team. If the raider fails to touch one of the 4 active stoppers within 30 seconds or successfully make contact with one of the 4 active stoppers but the raider is prevented from returning to his side of the ground within 30 seconds by the touched stopper then the stopper wins a point for his team.

The countdown from 30 seconds starts as soon as the raider leaves the central line dividing the ground into two halves.

In order to avoid matches being drawn the first point is counted as 1 and a half point. All subsequent points are counted as 1 point each.

Each match is played over two halves of 20 minutes each with half time of 5 minutes.

The team with most points at the end of the match wins the match.

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Athlete will press a viking press implement from shoulder rack position to overhead for max reps within 60 sec time limit.

365 LBS / 165.5 KG

365 LBS / 165.5 KG

365 LBS / 165.5 KG

365 LBS / 165.5 KG

Event Rules:

• Athletes will compete head-to-head (4 lanes).
• 60 second time limit.
• Total reps completed is your score.
• Athlete begins at a starting line.
• Athlete must wait for judge’s command to receive a rep.

• ‘Touch and Go’ is NOT allowed. You must wait for the judge’s up command after the bar and tires have settled.
• The athlete will lift from a platform that makes the 13ft / 4m axle bar standard height even with tires on the sides.
• No deadlift suits, hooks, tacky, or tack towels allowed.