How to Train Like a Strongman: A 4-Week Strongman TrainingProgram for Maximum Results

March 3, 2023

Are you looking for an effective way to get strong and powerful? Well, look no further. Strongman training is the way to go.

It’s one of the best ways to build strength and power that’ll carry over into other sports and physical activities. And oh yes, it’s great for weight loss too! Better posture, increased muscle mass, better digestion, lower risk of injuries – strongman training has it all. In this blog, we will cover what strongman training is and how to do it in your workouts. We will also tell you about some of the best techniques in strongman training like keg carry and keg toss that are used by strongmen in competitions such as World’s Strongest Man.

What is Strongman Training?

Strongman training is a popular form of strength training that combines strength training with anaerobic conditioning, speed, and power. Common exercises include barbell deadlift, tire flips, farmers walks, and overhead presses.

Athletes use these events to demonstrate athleticism as much as absolute strength. To get the best results from strongman training, it is important to follow a well-designed program with progressive overload and adequate rest days. This will ensure that your body adapts to the training stimulus and can achieve peak performance in the event.

Gaining strength and muscle in a hurry isn’t easy, but with the right training program and dedication, you can accomplish your goals and reach your full potential.

Strongman Training

How Often Should You Train?

– Strength training should be done with sets of 4-6 reps for maximum results. This provides the best stimulus for muscle growth and strength gains, while avoiding overtraining or fatigue.

– Compound exercises such as squat, bench press, deadlift, and military press are great for building strength. These exercises target multiple muscle groups at once and can be done for low to high rep ranges, with varying amounts of weight used each time.

– To build mass, strongman training should include full body, odd object training. This includes squatting with heavy weights and holding an odd object overhead, as well as deadlifting and squatting with heavy weights and holding a barbell or dumbbells overhead.

– Rest periods between sets are important for maintaining intensity and preventing overtraining. Taking rest periods between sets will allow the body to fully recover between sets and continue to grow stronger. Also, it is important to take breaks after intense events such as deadlift or squatting movements to prevent injury.

– Finally, strongman training sessions will depend on the type of session. For example, 1-2 hours of strength training per week is optimal for improving overall strength and endurance in athletes. The frequency of strongman training sessions will vary depending on the goals of an individual or athlete.

4-Week Program for Maximum Results

– Deep Wateris a strength program designed by Jon Andersen that runs for 6 weeks. It involves deadlifts, squatting, and overhead press workouts (for push-ups).

– This program is notorious for its “100 Reps in as few sets as possible” workouts for deadlift, squat, and overhead press. In each workout, participants are asked to perform 100 reps of each movement in as few sets as possible. These intense workouts help improve strength and muscle endurance.

– However, this program isn’t suitable for everyone. It requires a high level of effort and discipline. If you’re not used to going hard or training with high intensity, you won’t be able to follow the program diligently. Besides, the program doesn’t include any flexibility exercises or stretching.

– My free 4-week strength training program focuses on training within 70-85% range and encourages making practice better rather than pushing limits. You can try it as a starting point to build your strength gradually without overtraining or burning yourself out.

Strength and Size Combinations for Optimal Performance

-Strength training and strongman training are two distinct forms of exercise that involve different equipment, techniques, and goals.

– Strength training emphasizes sets of lower rep ranges (4 to 6) to maximize the amount of weight moved and increase strength. Strongman training involves a variety of tools and exercises in the horizontal plane that require moving components. Both strength training and strongman training both emphasize strength and size as they play integral parts in developing muscle mass and overall strength.

– Skeletal muscle fatigue is an important factor to consider when training for strength and size as it impacts the amount of weight that can be moved. It is essential to understand when skeletal muscle fatigues during a given exercise or workout, it becomes easier to move a given weight or number of repetitions. This is because the body has less total available energy to use for movement if the muscle has been continuously working for an extended period of time.

-Training for strength and size requires a combination of strength and size training for optimal performance. It is important to vary the types of workouts you do so your body doesn’t get used to one form of exercise or workout. To reach your best overall fitness level, you must have a balanced approach that includes strength training and strongman training.

Keg Carry Technique and Alternatives: Strongman training

If you’re looking to add keg carries into your strongman workouts, it’s important to know the correct form for the exercise. You can start by holding the keg correctly with your arms overhead and your hands on top of the bar. This ensures that you’re using your core muscles to support the weight and avoid injury. After holding the weight for a few seconds, you can begin walking or moving in a circle. However, you should use this exercise with care as it can strain your back and neck. Other alternatives to keg carries include suitcase carries, farmer’s walks, and other exercises that provide similar results. By incorporating keg carries into your workouts, you can increase the difficulty of your strongman routines and enhance your overall strength training experience.

Strongman Training

Sandbag Carry Technique: Strongman training

– When it comes to strength training for weight lifters, the barbell squat is arguably one of the most popular exercises. However, there are many other strength exercises that you can try, including sandbag carries.

– In a sandbag carry, you grab a heavy sandbag with both hands and walk or jog with it as you would with a heavy dumbbell or kettlebell. This exercise develops muscle strength, balance, and coordination and can be incorporated into a strength training program for weight lifters as part of their overall workout plan.

– To get the best results from your sandbag carry training program, you should understand how to choose the right weight of sandbag for your level of fitness. Different weights are designed to provide different levels of resistance, but each weight should be heavy enough to challenge your muscles and promote growth but not so heavy that it becomes difficult to hold it overhead.

– Finally, you can use variations in your sandbag carry training program to keep things interesting and challenging. For example, you could switch up your walking or jogging pace or incorporate partial or full swings while holding the sandbag overhead. By following these tips and incorporating sandbag carries into your strength training program, you can get great results without having to invest in expensive equipment.

Strongman Training

Keg Toss Technique: Strongman training

If you’re looking to improve your strength and conditioning, you might want to consider training like a strongman. One of the best ways to do this is by learning the proper technique for picking up and throwing a keghide.

– Firstly, you’ll need to squat down and grasp the keg with one hand.

– Next, slowly stand up and walk towards a target or object that is at least waist-height (2 feet).

– You must ensure that your body position is similar to that of when lifting a barbell overhead. The shoulders should be back, chest out, and hips square.

– Once you arrive at your destination, grasp the keg with both hands and squat down until your thighs are parallel to the ground. This will help stabilize the keg.

– Finally, step backwards and hurl the keghide as far as possible.

As you practice this technique on a regular basis, you’ll be able to develop your throwing ability and become more proficient at it.

People Also Ask

  1. What are the principles of strongman training?

Strongman training is a combination of strength, power, speed, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, and technique. It involves the use of non-traditional implements such as sled pulls, farmers walks, and tire flips, which helps build whole-body strength and muscle mass at the same time. Strongman training also revolves around a handful of compound exercises that involve sets of lower reps (4-6).

  1. How can I determine an appropriate training intensity for my level of strength?

When it comes to determining an appropriate training intensity for your strength level, there are a few key factors that should be considered. Firstly, different resistance-training regimens have been shown to have varying effects on muscular adaptations. A study by Campos et al. found that muscular adaptations are specific to repetition maximum training zones.

  1. What types of exercises should I include in my strongman training program?

If you’re looking to get into strongman training, there are certain types of exercises you should include in your program. To effectively build muscle strength through strongman training, focus on sets of low reps (4-6). This way, you’ll be able to lift heavy and gain strength more quickly.

Yes, there are potential risks and injuries associated with strongman training that you should be aware of. It is a sport that can be dangerous if not approached cautiously. Professional strongmen often limit the maximal lifts they attempt in front of a crowd to reduce the risk of injury.

Let’s Sum Up

With the popularity of strongman sports on the rise, more and more people are training like strongmen. Strongman training is a great way to build strength and power, but it’s also a way to challenge yourself physically and mentally. By learning the proper techniques for carrying and tossing heavy objects, you can become a better all-around athlete. Start by reading this article from start to finish and then try the workout program at the end. Happy training!


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